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An allegory of "The Block Chain" and how "new" ideas to remedy current-stage issues are actually ancient philosophies...

'Blockchain' is seemingly newspeak, but the concept is not new. Bitcoin is the hot new commodity, and crypto currency is the overall generic buzzword to envelope all these implications. Bitcoin is the most famous, but it is one of MANY other currencies. We see that what matters most is the SECURITY guaranteeing a currency will be valuable tomorrow and the forseeable future. 'The Fed' guarantees the security of USD with the combined military might of USA and her allies. Nobody can threaten the military's physical defenses. But, of course, our computerphiles don't mind this. They eschew physicality like a Shaolin monk. They created Blockchain (afaik). One block theoretically is it's own self contained and sustainable 'universe'. So stepping back, and observing "the grand scheme" a chain of these self contained blocks is a "multiverse". We can't hop a nasa shuttle to the universal boundary. This is a purely realm-of-imagination journey. Similarly with the Blockchain, there are only imaginary bounded blocks. The beauty of these blocks is the astronomically long odds of "physically" hopping out of one block and into a separated block universe. The reason, once again, is the multiple layers of defensive security, all of it nonphysical. You can theoretically only be "invited" into a block you are outside of. The only other way is dumbluck dropping your ass into a new block, after the highly unlikely process of decoding all the redundant algorithms of security. Moving on...ask yourself...what if "you" are stuck in this highly strange and paradoxical universe, because the level of consciousness in this block is specifically designed for prohibiting any contamination of the "Heaven" a.k.a. "Paradise" block? You are sometimes aware of the "Paradise" universe, but then are quickly distracted so as not to allow lower frequency chaos monsters to leave this block and begin cancerous, viral replication into pristine Blocks of higher realities and frequency....
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