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SwC Poker is the largest Bitcoin online poker site in the world.

New Bitcoin Poker room: BTC Freerolls running around the clock -->

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Best Bitcoin Poker - Get Freerolls in Top Bitcoin Poker Rooms

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My $50 /r/poker freeroll had 191 players! The next one will be the same time tomorrow (on Wednesday)

This tournament is open to everyone regardless of jurisdiction. You don't need to register an account on the site in advance.
I decided to run the tournament based on the positive responses to my thread from yesterday. The tournament ended up being MUCH more successful than I imagined, with 191 players participating. I confirmed with BlockchainPoker that this was the most players of any tournament in the site's history.
Congratulations to user bonecall for taking first place! Here's a replay of the final hand of the tournament: https://blockchain.poke#/history?hand=8b2bf59ec5143a454c030383a66fc8cb
To keep the momentum going, I'm organizing another tournament for the same time today. By popular demand, I've also created a second tournament for 7PM GMT so our friends in Europe can easily join in. There will be TWO tournaments today, 7 hours apart.
First Tournament:
Time: Wednesday March 18 (TODAY), 7pm GMT (12pm PDT, 3pm EDT) Buy-in: Free Prize pool: 0.25 BCH, currently $45 Password: quarantine Link:
Second Tournament (same time as yesterday):
Time: Wednesday March 18 (TODAY), 7pm PDT, 10pm EDT Buy-in: Free Prize pool: 0.25 BCH, currently $45 Password: quarantine (yes, same password for both) Link:
Note that if you bust, up to 3 rebuys are allowed within the first 30 minutes of the tournament. A rebuy into a freeroll on this site costs 1/50th of the prize purse, or in this case 0.005 BCH (~$1).
The blind structure on these tournaments is pretty fast. Yesterday's tournament lasted for about 90 minutes. The site has not yet implemented custom blind structures so be aware that it's a pretty fast tournament.
Some people have offered to contribute to future prize pools, and I'm also talking with some Bitcoin-related companies who are interested in sponsoring more prize purses (meaning their logo would be on the table felt), so I'm hoping I can keep these freerolls as a regular thing for a while.
Other Links
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Earn bitcoin with poker

There is a new site called pokerhost in which you can get free bitcoin. They have a hourly freeroll with 1000 satoshi for the winner. You can register for free and dont need to verify email, so its easy to join. You also dont have to meet any minimum requirements to play the freeroll.
There is a good strategy to always win 333 satoshi. Because the site is so new, there are not that many players. The room is empty most of the time, so you can get two friends and play against each other. Simply register with all three for the freeroll and wait for it to start. Since you only play with friends the winner can share his winnings. This will make you all three 333 satoshi richer.
If you are any good at poker you can try to wait till others are available to play and just play on skill.
Withdrawal is instantly.
If you want to check out the website click here
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Is anyone else getting spam PM's from u/tythefly?

I just got this message from u/tytythefly. Either he is spamming people or his account got hacked.
"Hey, Hey, have you seen this new online room? freaking awesome, I'm loving it.. and I'm a US player. world-wide player pool... like it literally has everything, it's like being back on stars in 2006.. but I'm trying to hit the bad beat jackpot, it's at $5400 right now. Any 4-of-a-kind, beat, you get it.
10% rakeback playing micros all the way to high stakes cash games of holdem, omaha, stud, chinese, lowball, tournaments, and sit & go’s. They have LIVE BOT detection, which is state of the art, you have to see it. $500 Freerolls run weekly. Over 450 tables, with a player pool of 5000+, not gonna lie, it’s small, but you will learn the player pool and crush. It’s so freaking soft.
Xxxxxxx, use the referral code TbonePoker. -- random but, visit my website xxxxxxxxx
You can also visit my direct link xxxxxxxxxxx (This is more the ‘business’ side of Jao Poker) here all some of the things i see that are positives and keep me playing here.. 10% Rakeback Bad Beat Jackpot on ALL Hold’em Cash Games $500 Weekly Freerolls Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Chinese Poker, Lowball, Tournaments, and Sit & Go’s World-wide Player Pool, US Players CAN PLAY Instant Deposits and WITHDRAWS, Many options, including visa, mc, amex, bitcoin, eth, ltc Stakes from $.02/.04c to $20/40 200 Big Blind buy-in’s on cash tables Only 1 hour late registration and addon’s (not 3-5 like ACR and Ignition) Synchronized breaks and a lot more
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Why you should play for bitcoins only and on bitcoin-only sites

This is long, but it is important, it is about MONEY. Read it carefully, if you want to know a little bit about why you don't have as much of it as you should !!
Hi, greetings everyone, I am the person who is responsible for more bitcoin-only poker action than anyone else in the world. I've been playing these sites for years now, and immediately told everyone I knew, back when bitcoins were $2, to buy them so we could all play poker with them. The fact is, the money and the store of value of bitcoin is much superior to dollars.
Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital currency that anyone with internet access can acquire. You can purchase bitcoins from various exchanges and keep them stored on your computer or online.
To illustrate this concept, consider that the minimum wage in 1976 was $1.25 and could be paid as 5 silver quarters. Today, the melt value of those 5 silver quarters is actually more than $15, so minimum wage has actually gone DOWN. This is because inflation, which FUCKS the little guy, who doesn't have a lot of money, in favor of the big cheese's who can afford to store their value in expensive things like rare art, large quantities of precious metals, and land. These are the things the wealthy have always used to store their money long-term, to avoid the inevitable drain of inflation. However, there is now this other thing, cryptocurrency. You can store your money and it will INCREASE in value over time, if you save it, which makes a lot more sense to me! 2k in the bank is worth like 1900 effectively in a year, but 2k in bitcoins in a year will likely be worth 3k+. It only makes sense to store at least some money in bitcoins, you wouldn't go allin on any investment, so why be allin on US dollars as a currency?
Now, I started spreading the word about playing for bitcoins in 2012, but very few people heard me. Today, almost every major site accepts bitcoins as a deposit method. However, they virtually all keep your balance in USD, which as I've mentioned, goes DOWN in value over time, versus UP, so that's bad. They also screw you on the exchange rate, both depositing and withdrawing. Fuck that.
There are 3 sites I play on, they all keep your balance in BTC, so if you win a BTC and it goes up to 3k tomorrow, you're now up 3k. Much better than the alternative of playing on USD based sites !!
Swc Poker has freerolls you can get your feet wet in. Also very small stakes tournaments where you can get a lot of experience for a short fee. It also has rare game mixes such as 8 game, 12 game mix, with all the draw games like badugi and badeucy, and it has open face chinese pinapple as well. These games are offered on virtually no other US-facing sites !!
Nitrogen Sports is one of the best sites out there for gambling, the best sports book in the world in my opinion, and they have a poker room that gets decent traffic and action from fun players who are there for betting sports !!
Betcoin dot ag is cool too, it shares tournaments with other major networks, so you get a ton of fun tournaments to play with massive fields, which doesn't happen on these other networks. If you like MTTs, definitely check out this site, and they pay you the tourney winnings in bitcoin, so if you win 100k, it might be worth 200k in a few months !!
If I were you, I'd look into using bitcoin to play on these sites. If you're a winning poker player, it will be good for you, and if you're a recreational player, you will likely benefit from this as well.
If anyone is in vegas right now, and has questions, I'd be happy to meet up, please PM me and we can set up a meeting. I will exchange BTC for USD, or USD for BTC, both at market rates, I simply want to provide liquidity to poker players who use BTC, so I am happy to do this.
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5 btc guarantee tournament Sunday! -

Hey guys! Just wanted to open a thread to indtroduce in /bitcoin for any questions, feedback, etc.
We have the lowest rake at 2% capped, and hope to appeal to the reddit crowd :) We have invested a lot of time and money into the site are here to stay - just took a risk by adding 25k guaranteed s5500 tournaments daily, and 50k on Sundays. Also, watch for our rake race this week..
I personally hope to make some friends & hope you guys try us out - I believe we can bring growth back to the poker community and that bitcoin poker will continue to outpace traditional online rooms!
We will never stop working on site & client, and have a ton of ideas for the future.
Features: 20% rakeback + lifetime 5% referral bonus. HTML5 / Mobile client - no download needed Lowest rake - 2% Fast deposits/withdrawls Bad beat jackpot 100 and 500 chip freerolls daily Guaranteed tournaments throughout the day - including 2.5 bitcoin daily and 5 bitcoin on Sundays.
Upcoming: More promotions/rake contests VIP/Points program News/Blog more
Cya at the tables! Brendan
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Cashing Out on Bitcoin Poker Sites/Apps, Fastest Withdrawal to Checking Method? America's Cardroom Promos Updated Part 2! Sunday Special, Freerolls, The Cage, PCPC, Big 10, Playpen Coin Poker! Grana e diversão! Torneios FREEROLL!!! Rokoloko Crypto! Btc! Bitcoin! April Top 10 Bitcoin Poker Hands 2019  Crypto Poker Club Crypto Currency Poker Site: CoinPoker Part 1/2 New Poker Room with bitcoin , have probably fair games , and now sportsbook. Just added daily poker freerolls with 20 mBTC prizepool. To gain entry to the freeroll just play 50 hands in our cash games between 4pm and 8pm UTC. — is a cryptocurrency poker room launched in 2013 which belongs to the group, composed of a casino, sportsbook, and a small poker room.The site closed its doors temporarily in late 2017 till February 2018. Until 2019, BetcoinPoker shared the MTT grid with Winning Poker Network, but suddenly they decided to part ways with WPN to become a fully independent site. Bitcoin poker freerolls. Poker freerolls aren’t new in Bitcoin poker anymore. In fact, almost all poker rooms that accept the cryptocurrency already offer their own set of poker freeroll tournaments. With a wide range of choices, you’re in control of which Bitcoin poker rooms you’ll keep coming back to. Thankfully bitcoin poker rooms do not need the cooperation of U.S. banks and credit card companies and are able to welcome real-money players from the USA, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia, Canada and the UK. Here are a few things you should look for when choosing a poker room that accepts bitcoin. Large Player Pools So online bitcoin poker rooms have an exchange system in place set as 1 bitcoin equals 1000 chips so every chip is worth 0.001 bitcoin. Minimium deposits? While most reular poker rooms have a set minimum , bitcoin poker rooms have no minimum , you can deposit any amount that you want , it is always preferable to deposit more so you do not have ...

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Cashing Out on Bitcoin Poker Sites/Apps, Fastest Withdrawal to Checking Method?

Tournament Poker Edge member Wee3ee walks you through how to fund your online poker account using bitcoin and also how with withdraw funds with bitcoin. Top 10 craziest hands of April 2019 recorded from Crypto Poker Club cash games in the Bitcoin lobby. Discover the next generation decentralized poker platform supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum ... Sunday Special, Freerolls, The Cage, PCPC, Big 10, Playpen DK Poker. ... Fast Paced Online Poker Action for that Bitcoin! ... Penny Stock Scanner & Gap Scanner The Boiler Room 463 watching. With the crypto currency boom Fergal is here to take on the freeroll games on CoinPoker.Com where players can win real crypto currency (CHP) for just playing an event which is free to enter! This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue