Money Transmitter or Currency Exchange Licensing

Droppshipping with bitcoin...register as a MSB?

I've done some searching and can't find anything specific. Hoping to find someone who's well versed in this stuff who might be able to point me in the right way..
I'd like to set up a dropshipping site, which accepts bitcoin. Once someone places an order, I'd order from the manufacturer, and the manufacturer would ship the product.
When I receive bitcoin, I'd continue to hold it as BTC, and pay the vendor in USD.
I do not want to utilize a BMSP (bitcoin merchant service provider) like bitpay, but I want to process the transactions myself.
I plan to set up a LLC, and do everything legitimate; paying taxes, etc. However, does anyone know the laws regarding this? Would I need to register my LLC as a MSB (money services business) and get licensed as a money transmitter?
many thanks
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Regulated Exchange Launches in US With Crypto-Backed Visa Card Offering

Regulated Exchange Launches in US With Crypto-Backed Visa Card Offering

A FinCEN-registered crypto exchange has launched with its own debit card that allows holders to pay for goods and services with digital assets.
Utah-based CoinZoom announced Wednesday it would begin onboarding new institutional and retail clients, and will offer a Visa payment card that instantly converts cryptocurrencies into U.S. dollars.
As a registered money service business with FinCEN in most U.S. states and territories, CoinZoom has to comply with local regulations, including those concerning consumer protection and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. The exchange is also licensed as a money transmitter in the U.S., as well as a digital currency exchange in Australia.
CoinZoom supports most prominent cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin (BC) or ether (ETH), in pairs with the U.S. dollar, providing a fiat gateway into the asset class. The platform also includes a staking facility for selected proof-of-stake (PoS) coins, which provide rewards for holders.
The exchange, which already has a trading app available for Apple iOS devices, can also be used as a remittance solution, according to CoinZoom founder and CEO Todd Crosland.
“CoinZoom is not only the first U.S. cryptocurrency exchange to provide a Visa card to its customers, but also offers ... industry-first features like ZoomMe, CoinZoom’s free Peer-to-Peer crypto and fiat payment system," he said
Last year, U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which is also a registered MSB with FinCEN, released its own Visa-backed debit card, but only for users based in the U.K. and European Union. The exchange announced Tuesday it had newly integrated the Coinbase Card with mobile payment provider Google Pay.
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How to prepare for winning

I'm not sure why the previous winner decided not to use his real paypal, maybe trying to remain anon, maybe trying to not pay taxes, maybe trying to hide money from his spouse/parents or maybe an international fugitive, who knows.
The fact is, paypal doesn't like anon people collecting lots of cash fast, to be fair, they don't like verified people getting a lot of cash fast either, unless they're getting their cut. So here's a couple things you can do to try and keep paypal from freezing your account and taking your money.
Here's how to add an email address to paypal. Go to gmail/yahoo/wherever and make a new email with a different, very secure password.
Once you have a nice new email with a secure password, go to paypal and login. Under "Settings", you'll see "Email", hit the + button and add that new email address you just created. They'll send you an email to verify your address, go and click it. There you go, verified email address that (hopefully) has not been used by you anywhere else.
Ok, so this is a bit simpler if you're in the US. Changetip has a "Buy Bitcoin" button under "My Money" that will use ACH with most major banks. Unfortunately not many credit unions or smaller banks though. So to buy bitcoin on coinbase or circle, you need to set up an account and verify yourself. These are US regulated companies who have to follow the laws, so they need to verify you just like you had to verify with paypal. The verification process is fairly easy, and not much different than paypals (although I haven't done paypal in years, so I'm not sure what it's like now).
The concern most people have is that circle/coinbase could be scam sites, or like that other site in japan that stole all the bitcoin got hacked, etc. The difference is, these sites are US based and licensed as money transmitters AND have a lot of financial/venture capital backing behind them. They are just like paypal, except they deal with bitcoin and not ebay.
Sadly, I do not know similar sites to coinbase/circle for outside the US.
I'd suggest reading up on bitcoin if you want to delve into making your own wallet and maintaining it yourself. There is a lot of info in /bitcoinbeginners
A basic online wallet can be made at Blockchain, you can use your wallet on coinbase or you can download a bitcoin wallet program and do it all on your computer. A bitcoin address looks like 14KShuxFUM7PsHKYfPA9Rnkv6P213Wm8UH and is a specific address to your wallet. (You can send me coins there if you'd like lol)
But I want cash, dollars, no one takes magic internet money....
If you have bitcoin, changing it into something real and physical in your hands can be done in as little as an hour. The secret is Gyft. Go make an account, download the app to your phone and you can have a gift card in your hands in no time. They even give a 3% discount for using bitcoin. You scroll thru gyft, find the card you want, select an amount and pay with bitcoin. A popup will come up, with an address to send the bitcoin to. You send the bitcoin from your wallet, and the gift card is added to your gyft account. You open your app on your phone, and you have the card in hand ready for you to go shopping.
Alternatively, if you want cash, and don't want to worry about fluctuations in price, send your changetip btc to your coinbase/circle wallet, and select "Sell". You can send the cash to your bank account via ACH and it only takes a day or two. No worrying about the btc price crashing, no worrying about someone stealing your coins, cash out in a day or two with money in bank.
There are also more and more websites that accept bitcoin directly, from overstock to newegg. So you could just keep a hot wallet (think of it as cash you keep in your pocket) and buy with btc directly if you don't want to bother converting it.
Now, I will warn you, SOME banks have issues with bitcoin/coinbase, SOME banks may warn you about doing transactions with bitcoin/coinbase, and SOME banks may go so far as to threaten your account if you continue using bitcoin. So you can decide if you want to cash out to your bank, spend it on gyft, hold it or open a credit union account and cash out that way.
While you're at it, change your reddit password too. As nice as this community is, there will be someone trying to steal from you, don't make it easy for them.
Yes I forgot this one, simply because I never use it. I don't remember how I set it up, but it should be fairly straight forward since I already had an account.
When you sign in using your main google account, you can go to the Settings tab, and Verify your identity. I just did this, had to put in my legal name and address as well as birthday and last 4 of ssn. Had me verified in under 1 minute. Since I never use Google Wallet, I had to search for how to accept payments, and this is what I found. Doesn't look too different than any of the other options so it should be pretty simple to setup, simply give your email address and people can email money.
The one thing I can't find however, is how to either add or mask your email address. Personally I wouldn't want my gmail account used as it is tied to my google identity, which is also tied to my google plus thing I had to setup. I'm sure there has to be a way to set it up with an alternate email address. If anyone knows I'll add it in as an edit later.
Last points
As pointed out by bealhorm
You'll have friends/family coming out of the woodwork asking for handouts and getting mad at you if you don't give them what they ask for. It's not going to be a million bucks (maybe???) so take care of yourself first. Catch up on your bills, take a vacation, pay off a loan or two, or just blow it on hookers and blow. If you want to give some away then go ahead, but do it as a gift because you want to, and not because you're given a guilt trip for not helping out that person you haven't heard from in 5 years. No one has to know you got a few thousand dollars in your bank account but you.
As jermseatsbrains pointed out, you may want to write down your new passwords somewhere safe, as that would really suck to be super secure with all new passwords and not be able to login and access your winnings...
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Even by I.R.S. standards, the recent ruling on bitcoin flirts with nonsensical non-logic in a way that is truly shocking to an outsider. Govt officials have called bitcoin "digital currency" thousands of times, not once have they called it "digital property".

Really astonishing. For months, including the Senate hearing and the Treasury Department's own published documents on bitcoin always refer to it as a "virtual currency," "digital currency," or my favorite "convertible virtual currency." Don't take my word for it. Search through publicly available federal government documents that mention or address bitcoin in any way. It's always discussed as a convertible electronic currency, which it is, not as property.
If the government views bitcoin as property - for taxation purposes the same as selling ice cream sandwiches out of an ice cream truck - why was this not a topic broached during the Senate hearing? Why did former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke in his letter refer to "virtual currency" several times, and "virtual property" not once. His successor, Janet Yellen, has had an equally sane approach toward bitcoin.
Even by the sometimes byzantine logic of modern tax agencies, the IRS is simply wrong.
If mining Bitcoins is self employment, so is jerking off to porn.
If Bitcoin is primarily "property" and not currency, then why the focus on KYC/AML compliance? It's not money according to the IRS. And why the need for money transmitter licenses? And why is New York State trying to regulate Bitcoin if it's just property? Lawsky's job is over before it even begins, if this nonsensical IRS classification is not challenged and revised.
Please don't tip me, I don't want the burden of having your property thrown at me unsolicited over these inter web tubes. Thank you.
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Why U.S Restrictions on ICOs and Exchanges Is Likely Bitcoin Basics: 07 Depositing into Bitstamp Everything You Need To Know About Money Transmitter Licensing What is a Money Transmitter Surety Bond? Liberty Lobby - Week 3 - Exempting Virtual Currency Users from Money Transmitter Regulations

If you wish to apply for a money transmitter license you should begin by first reviewing Connecticut’s Jurisdiction-Specific Requirements along with Connecticut's money transmitter licensing statutes, which provides the current licensing procedures and requirements applicable to money transmitters.. If your company already has a completed record in the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System ... “Bitcoin can be easily purchased in exchange for ordinary currency, acts as a denominator of value, and is used to conduct financial transactions.” Id. at 545 (citing SEC v. Shavers, No. 4:13-cv-416, 2013 WL 4028182, at *2 (E.D. Tex. Aug. 6, 2013)(“It is clear that Bitcoin can be used as money. It can be used to purchase goods or services Money Transmitters Part II: Money Transmitter: This license authorizes the holder to transmit currency, monetary value, or payment instruments, either by wire, facsimile, electronic transfer, courier, the Internet, or through bill payment services or other businesses that facilitate such transfer, within this country or to or from locations outside this country. MTA Not Applicable to Bitcoin in Pennsylvania. In a memo titled “Money Transmitter Act Guidance for Virtual Currency Businesses,” the Pennsylvania DoBS clarified that the Money Transmitter Act (MTA) did not apply to cryptocurrency exchanges.. The clarification focused on the precise definitions encompassed in the MTA, which focused on what constitutes money and when is an MTA license required. According to Chan, US laws are clear: any party that invests his money to facilitate payment between others is subject to a money transmitter license. With LN, to actually send and receive off-chain Bitcoin transactions, you have to open a channel to the party in question.

[index] [34650] [23346] [28899] [23977] [5404] [27387] [14576] [24447] [29542] [15549]

Why U.S Restrictions on ICOs and Exchanges Is Likely

HB 436 would carve out an exemption for bitcoin and other virtual currency users from the money transmitter regulations, but there are some problems. Here's the full hearing video. This week on Around the Coin, Faisal Khan, Brian Roemmele, and Mike Townsend discuss everything about money transmitter licenses, including how they work, who needs one, and how bitcoin plays a role. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. ... including FinCEN and money transmitter licenses. ... Bitcoin is the first money owned by the people and is often seen as a threat to the ... Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. ... We are not a broker nor money transmitter so cannot buy bitcoin on your behalf but provide you with the knowledge and tools to safely buy ... It was mentioned many times at the hearing that exchanges weren't adequately regulated due to state-specific legislation and the idea that money transmitter licenses weren't designed for such ...