Joi Ito of MIT Media Labs to Deliver Keynote Address at # ...

This was just deleted from Joi's blog. This is the cached version.

Joichi Ito's Affiliations and Financial Interests

Disclosing interests for transparency and avoidance of conflict of interest.
Small shareholdings of public companies and funds are not listed.
Last updated May 17, 2019.
Special note about Bitcoin related investments. Before starting the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, I divested of any direct holdings of any companies directly involved in Bitcoin or Blockchain technology as their primary business. This included my stakes in Blockstream and Guardtime. Since then, the company I co-founded in the 90s, Digital Garage, where I still serve as a board member, has acquired shares of Blockstream. I have recused myself during any discussions about the transaction. Digital Garage is a public company and I am unable to prevent them from making such investments. In addition, I own < 0.1% of Digital Garage and have only a de minimis exposure to Blockstream through my stake in Digital Garage.

Academic Positions

Publicly Listed For-Profit Board Positions

Shareholdings in each public company with board position

Privately Held For-Profit Board Positions

Non-Profit Board Positions

Advisory Board Positions

Investment Funds

Direct or SPV holdings of shares, partnership interests, debt investments (convertible notes) stock options

Investments via Neoteny Labs

Investments via Neoteny 3

Investments via Neoteny 4


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RhymeCombinator Trailer: #BitcoinRapBattle: Satoshi vs. Hamilton (Link to full battle below) Knotty Objects: Bitcoin TOP Highlight: Joi Ito on ICOs at Scaling Bitcoin - YouTube PAXFUL PEER TO PEER BITCOIN PLATFORM REVIEW

From: Michael Wilson To: Joichi Ito *** Joi, you sent the notice to the open list, so I figured it wouldn't piss you off to have me comment. You're either very busy, or I got on your 'bad side' somehow, but if you have time, just drop me a note and let me know you're doing well, and when you think you might be Stateside. Joi Ito - "My view on the current situation of Bitcoin and the Blockchain" by Joi Ito is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Boris Anthony - Design Susan Kare - Logo Joichi Ito, head of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technological innovation (MIT), has resigned right after it was exposed that he and other Media Lab team had tried to conceal monetary contributions from convicted sexual intercourse offender Jeffrey Epstein. The New Yorker reported final Friday that Ito and MIT Media lab – which […] makemoney Crypto Currency September 9, 2019 Joi Ito, MIT, News 0 Comment Joichi Ito, head of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has resigned after it was revealed that he and other Media Lab staff had attempted to conceal financial contributions from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Chosen by CoinDesk editors, the CoinDesk 50 is an annual selection of the most innovative and vital projects across the blockchain/crypto industry. It is NOT a ranking.

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RhymeCombinator Trailer: #BitcoinRapBattle: Satoshi vs. Hamilton (Link to full battle below)

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