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Homelab collective ressources post!

Hey guys!
I'm fairly new to this sub and to having a home lab in general and I found this community to be so kind and helping, I wanted to give back what I've learned. I'm seeing a lot of questions asked around on improvements and on what to do with x extra hardware so I thought it would be nice to have a thread to regroup that.
I'll put here some stuff I gathered and the most common questions I've seen, feel free to contribute and i'll update the post along.
Latest Additions
Homelab Dashboard
Posts about dashboards have been growing lately and here are some of the best that were kind enough to provide us with their sources.
User Screenshot Source
yours truly http://imgur.com/a/GhCNH https://github.com/Gabisonfire/dashboard-q
lastditchefrt http://i.imgur.com/5zQdao4.png https://github.com/d4rk22/Network-Status-Page
_SleepingBag_ http://i.imgur.com/Ql9ZM4W.png https://github.com/jsank/homelabdash
NiknakSi https://niknak.org/extras/sysinfo TBA
DainBramaged http://imgur.com/jYNlUEQ https://github.com/gordonturneBigBoard
michaelh4u https://i.imgur.com/XkZwMKj.png https://github.com/michaelh4u/homelabfrontpage
spigotx http://imgur.com/a/1zMht https://github.com/spigotx/HomeLab2
SirMaster https://nicko88.com/ https://github.com/dashbad/plex-server-status
yourofl10 http://imgur.com/a/AyROa TBA
TheBobWiley http://imgur.com/a/oU6d3 https://github.com/TheBobWiley/ManageThis-LandingPages
0110010001100010 http://i.imgur.com/iwtQcsL.jpg https://github.com/danodemano/monitoring-scripts
mescon & SyNiK4L https://i.imgur.com/gqdVM6p.jpg https://github.com/mescon/Muximux
ak_rex http://i.imgur.com/a/RJkrT https://github.com/ak-rex/homelab-dashboard
Or build yours from scratch: PRTG API, ELK, Grafana, freeboard, JumpSquares
Some other resources: Custom Monitoring Scripts by 0110010001100010
Credits to apt64 for his original post
= Pi specific =
= Download Automation =
= Virtualization =
= Monitoring =
= Media Center =
= Remote access =
= VOIP =
= Networking =
= File Servers/Storage/RAID =
= Cameras =
= Documentation =
= Dynamic DNS =
= Backup =
= Creating network diagrams =
= Guides =
= Misc =
That's all I could come up with on top of my head + some research, passing over to you guys so we can get a nice complete list!
Let's try and stick with free(or mostly) softwares, let me know if you guys feel otherwise.
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