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Scalability FAQ - Bitcoin Wiki <- everyone please read this before spreading misinformation! Thanks

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Scams in FAQ-wiki /r/Bitcoin

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Scam links in FAQ wiki /r/btc

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Proposal: activate the subreddit's Wiki so we can have a responsive community FAQ etc. /r/bitcoin_unlimited

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Please help me, I read the wiki and the FAQ and still don't understand BitCoin

Please ELI5
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Bitcoin Wiki FAQ page broken

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Year 2050 and beyond; the world

Under conditions like this, this will be YOUR fate in 2050 and beyond.
And warning: This will piss people off, and it will not be Shangri-La.
End of the Liberal Democratic System
You still have the democratic system we call "Liberal Democracy" these days. AKA the delusion of being able to choose better candidates for your ruler.
Unfortunately this is not the case any longer past 2050.
Leaders are EXPLICITLY stated to be lifetime rule in all nations, and are literal emperors that will rule until they die. If they take off for whatever reason, they will inherit that seat with a trusted confidant aka their closest associate.
Another trait of a liberal democracy is free speech, or your ability to question the government or the truth.
This will again no longer exist.
If you ever so deny the "[Democratic American Republic of Bananas] Holocaust of Chinese expats", "Trump is a tyrant who destroyed the United States" or "Covid is a deadly illness" fake facts, They will put you to a mental health check. If they screened you and/or it turns out that you are a "God Worshiper", "Conspiracy Theorist" or anyone who doesn't agree with Marxist Humanist ideology, you will be sent to a camp to be gassed and never come out again.
Covid Measures
You really don't think the Covid measures end after a year don't you?
It's a non-existent and neverending crisis.
Yes, Covid Policies will persist as soon as earth exists.
And these policies are bound to DRIVE PEOPLE INSANE.
Forced Masks, Social Distancing, Forced named it. It's there.
Bars, pubs, theme parks, public schools, small businesses etc will go to the way of the dodo.
Save for big companies with extraorbitant prices selling foods, electronics or other necessities, nothing will exist around the streets.
If you walk out of the streets without a mask, an enforcer will ambush and kill you.
You can't even dine outside, you have to dine at home.
Curfews are forced unless under certain conditions, save for right before announcing Covid pandemics or any other emergencies, such as terror attacks, UFO fear mongering, anarchists...
Failure to comply will result in government hired fixers catching you to the camp and slitting your head with a mechanical blade.
Oh and the only business bar big companies that are still around are...
Which brings to the next point:
Legalized Killing
Gone were the days where killing is illegal.
If they can make LGBT and Pedophilia legal and a lifestyle, why not make killing one as well?
The new society is going to stress LOTS of people out, to the point that they will kill at the slightest of a whim.
If bars, pubs, theme parks, small businesses etc got driven to extinction, what do you think their employees will do?
They go out and KILL!
Piss people off by the slightest bit such as telling to them "Covid is fake," then at the next day, civilian conduct patrols will come in and kill you.
Killing, Harvesting organs, cannibalism etc...will become the DE FACTO lifestyle. And because of Covid policies, most businesses will not be able to survive the cataclysm.
And those who cannot find a job or get their job destroyed cannot conduct an uprising against big elite. If you want to conduct a popular uprising, you NEED other elites to back you.
So what do they do? They kill.
You will see more killers, bodyguards, and cannibals than there are store clerks because it's the only thing that can make you money in the true new normal.
Even civilians want nothing to do with it will go out and feast on the flesh of their close ones, not out of betrayal, but to survive.
And you better off not go out during certain times of the day because there will be so many cannibals or mafia gangs patrolling the streets waiting to catch any unsuspecting bystander.
Save for feral cannibals or angry civilians, there's also the risk of mafia and other conducted kill squads, such as the aforementioned civilian patrols, hired mercenary and hitman groups, as well as chefs (with many of them being former angry civilians).
These things had long lost their humanity, and if you get reported to them, be it tax evasion, NEET, homeless, or even muttering "Hail Trump" or the Bible and got heard, you will be caught by these paid killers and die. The chefs are the worst because they are cannibals who will basically catch anyone and everyone to get them killed, for no reason.
In certain places, infant mortality rate is expected to be 99% and the number of people who can grow to adulthood is an estimated 0.5% of the population (around the population of NYC, for example)
End of free media
Save for the aforementioned no tolerance anti thought crime laws, expect the same to happen on the internet and the TV.
Everyday, after you come back home after a hard day killing the undesireables, you turn on the TV and watch the same 3 programs on an infinity loop.
If you wanna use the computer, remember that all websites had been put under Google, Amazon or Facebook rule (assuming if these companies ever existed or similar ones replaced them), and around only 20 sites exist and all of them are big on pro-state propaganda as North Korea. Modern CCP doesn't even describe it. It will resemble North Korean internet, where not a single trace of anti-truth can exist, in general.
Video Games will all be first person shooters or political propaganda, such as WWIII or the BLM Revolution.
(Anime or Weeb culture will also cease to exist because it will be considered derogatory pedophilia or disgraces against women. Yet pedophillia is actually getting legitimized in the new world, and children can be killed as easily as adults.)
Healthcare of Death
You have to go screen yourself for health issues daily to monthly depending on the type.
Covid Screenings are daily, Mental Health Screenings are monthly, Cancer, Diabetes, cholestrol yearly scans...
Failure to pass the Covid and Mental health screenings will put you to a quarantine cell to be gassed, no exceptions.
Failure to pass the yearly ones will result in medication until death.
These scannings are all robotic and turn out false positives in a 20-30% rate.
Also, you have to be vaccinated every 6 months, these are poisonous chemicals but it doesn't matter. Also there's no such thing as a Covid vaccine because Covid doesn't exist.
Who cares if you die anyway in a society like this?
Surveillance State
Expect LOTS and LOTS of Cameras.
You might not need to know where these cameras lead to, but expect installment of surveillance cameras as a part of the law.
They will be all over the streets, your television, the ceiling of your house, the fridge, your business, whatever.
In truth, the images transmit into neighbor committees, mafia offices, hired enforcer offices, other assorted kill squads...just to facilitate these groups to arrest and kill you inside your house.
The reasons can be you homeschooling children, you lacking a job, you lacking education, you being depressed, you worshiping god, you muttering anti-truth, you not wearing masks when you go out, you gather with with more than 4 people...
But if you know less, the better.
Paying the price
Everything is taxed or expensive as hell in the new world.
The currency used is Bitcoin, and a normal killing job will only give you 6 bitcoins per month. (There are better jobs out there giving around hundreds, but it will not be for you at least)
Most necessities cost more than 18 bitcoins and food or water will cost around 0.40 bitcoins.
They will tax you 1 Bitcoin a month, possibly more.
Failure to comply to the tax will result in 2 warnings. Each warning, 2 days. At the end of 2 days, government enforcers will arrive to the spot and catch you to be gassed.
Cashless Society
Related to the point above, you no longer need cash.
Cash is obsolete, and bitcoin will take its place.
1 Bitcoin is over 10000 USD.
Also it will be done by Microchip.
But do not expect you YOURSELF to be microchipped.
You might be required to have an extra gadget in your phone or a special wristband.
Anyone without the wristband or the gadget, even at home, will be murdered fast.
The wristband or phone gadget is another one of those ways they watch over you; but they will be your only way of pay.
You will not be able to pay or get money without this phone gadget or wristband, and again enforcers will give you 1 hour of time to get 1 before you get gassed.
One of these gadgets or wristbands will cost 4 bitcoins, and phones might as well as cost 18 bitcoins for an average quality smartphone, and a high quality smartphone 30.
Report Happy Neighbours
Neighbors, associates or even your children and educated and programmed to report you for the slightest of issues.
Failure to fulfill a certain dress code of your organization.
Muttering God, Freedom, Anti-Marxism, Conspiracies, Anti Truth, or speaking it on social media or Discord.
Being an emotionally unstable mess.
No school or work. (School is always internet school while work is always necessary services, killings/bodyguards/snitchers or any combination of these.)
Not wearing a mask when you go outside.
All but one of the many reasons why you can be reported by neighbors and even your children.
If they decided to report and remove you for the following reasons, some type of authority will go in and murder you in a few hours.
Political Correctness
Like I ALWAYS said before, in the new world, beware of what you say in the public.
This includes in places like Discord or Twitter.
If you ever slip out any semblances of anti truth, holocaust denial, covid denial, religious babble etc...
Yeah, authorities knock your door and send you to be gassed, no exceptions.
Thoughtcrime doesn't result in just a chatroom ban, authorities knock on your door and send you to be gassed.
Forced Education
If you think that Covid equals no education, you are wrong.
Public schools do not exist as face to face tutoring and resemble database facilities.
However, your children have to be homeschooled by authorities every time of the day.
The subjects will be very dull, incoherent, boring and sometimes radical like some sort of anarchist or military training.
However, your child is explicitly stated not to be able of leaving their PC desk during classes, for more than 20 minutes.
Because the computers are cameras themselves, the images of your students will be transmitted to the teacher inside the "school."
Failure to comply and the authorities will take your children and you.
Same occurs if your children is homeschooled or is off from school for no reason within 6 days. This includes not having a PC to begin with; a PC costs 30 Bitcoins.
Forced Labor
You HAVE to go to work, no matter what.
Work is a part of life, and as soon as you are in the age of 15, you must find a work. Most people will have to find one and plan one from the age of 10.
This can arrange from killings, mafia, organ harvesting, bodyguards, take-out restaurants, store clerks...
You HAVE to find one.
Usually, if you are not one of the more privileged class, you have to go out and kill.
Mercy isn't an option in these cases.
No matter what the excuse is, saint or devil, you gotta kill them.
The higher the body count, the greater the talent, the higher the ranks you are.
This also means that you must stay fit at all costs. People who are not physically fit will not qualify, so are merciful people.
The more angry, brave, obedient, and warfare-efficient you are the better.
Your life is at risk, every day, but nobody cares.
Some of the people will be able to not spill blood with their own hands and find a slightly better job such as being a doctor, government official, concentration camp warden or even a teacher. But don't expect this to be you.
Altered lifespans
Because of all the GMOs, air pollution, fixer killings, mentally ill bozos, cannibals, mafia gangs....the lifespans of people will be drastically altered.
Most people will be chronically ill at the age of 50, and past the age of 45 you cannot be allotted any jobs.
The fixer and killer groups will only hire people starting from as young as 10 and as old as 30.
Infant mortality rate can arrange from 50% on lowest and 99% on highest, and chances to survive till adulthood is approximately 40% on average. In some places, this is below 0.5%.
If you happen to survive past the age of 60, you will be exterminated instantly. This is a benefit for the government because 1. You can't find anymore jobs or unable of production 2. to reduce spreading of Covid, a non-existent illness.
War on Terror
No matter what, the world 2050 and beyond will not be peaceful.
"Wars on Terror" will still occur.
Anarchist false flags groups (similar to Black Block and ISIS) built by the government, Covid pandemic waves, reptilian UFO false flags/fear mongering, Religious terrorists...ALL of these will continue to occur and in overly insane degrees to keep you scared.
Most notably, expect the Covid pandemic EVERY 4 months where the whole country will fall on lockdown for a month.
All of these aren't going anywhere but to keep you terrified and depressed.
Paid Fixers/Killers will be prohibited to deal with any of these terror groups for unknown reasons just because the Government has to solve them.
The government catches these terrorists and releases them, if there are any terrorists.
White and Black Ethnics
The world will be split into two parts. A part with polyglot populations who has every possible mixed race, and others who can maintain racial purity and are more than willing to commit genocide against anyone opposed to their race.
Most notably, Europe and the US will resemble Babylon. There will be countless ghettos, filled with all sorts of ethnicities crammed in pint size ghettos, with fights all over the place. As they call it "legs made of steel and clay." The fun thing is, Kill Groups or gangs will only hire the same race, and it makes you harder to find a job.
The other side will be consisted of fully racially brainwashed idiots who were taught pure eugenics and inferiorities. They will be indoctrinated in a way like the Nazis, Russians, Japanese and CCP educates their offspring. It usually happens in Asian or non pro-western states such as: Japan, Both Koreas, China, Russia, Malaysia... Expect these people to be ethno-supremacist and willing to kill anyone of the opposing race. (Such as Taiwanese and Japanese will happily kill Chinese, Chinese will happily kill Indians or Japanese, Russians might want to kill Americans...the inverse is true of all things.)
You can't form to rebel against the NWO or anything with these Babylonian or white law neighbors or countries.
So beware.
You HAVE to wake up right now.
This will be a rude awakening, and if this ever happens, your life will not even matter 5 cents.
The brick wall behind the curtain doesn't only have cuffs, it has spikes as well.
This is your fate in society, 2050 and beyond.
All these confrontations, cancelling, and isolation will be worth it if this is YOUR fate and you realize it.
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What's the deal with crypto?

So, if Bitcoin's rise in value early on was due to it's claimed anonymity for buying not so legal stuff online, then why is it still worth anything if the fact that it has public ledger has been brought to light? Why do people that have cult like faith in crypto currency believe that it's decentralised if the person using it has to use apps and services that aren't decentralised? Maybe I'm completely clueless to the fine details of some cryptos operate but it seems more like a way to guide people into believing a digital currency is a good thing and will be more accepting of a digital dollar because it's something they're used to. If the anonymity of Bitcoin was based on a lie then why is there still any faith in the system whatsoever?
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BREAKING: Joe Biden and Barack Obama's Twitter Accounts HACKED... Along With Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Kanye West and MORE

BREAKING: Joe Biden and Barack Obama's Twitter Accounts HACKED... Along With Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Kanye West and MORE submitted by Future401 to conspiracy [link] [comments]

How Much Did The IMF Know About Bitcoin?

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With all of the mail in ballot fraud talk going on lets not forget about how vulnerable the voting machines are

With all of the mail in ballot fraud talk going on lets not forget about how vulnerable the voting machines are submitted by NunyoBizwacks to conspiracy [link] [comments]

Fed says it is developing an experimental digital currency... of course they are.

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u/maxwellhill’s last post

Anybody think it’s a bit weird that u/maxwellhill ‘s last post is about a “Large Star Disappearing Without a Trace” when the user has seemingly done the same thing from Reddit?
With 14m+ karma and being named Gizmodo’s person of the year, maxwellhill really was a star on this website and we have zero idea where he/she went.
Tin foil hat time, Ghislaine Maxwell knew she was going away for a long time and posted that article as an allegory / goodbye to reddit.
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The Truth Behind The Lies You Have Been Told About Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

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Who thinks the rising spot price of silver and gold is just a ploy to get people to sell off hard currency?Just another step towards a cashless society .

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They already control the value of bitcoin.

They have control over bitcoin just like gold. The value of gold is worth far more than stocks of gold.
Bitcoin value should be closer to 1,000,000 according to McAfee.
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Patch .12.7 (Today 14:00 MSK) - Notes & Discussion

Edit: For those on New Reddit, we're trying out the "Event" style post, so you should see a start time listed above this post in your local timezone. It seems like it's a hour ahead for me, for whatever reason. Let me know if it works for you.
The installation of the patch has finished!
The installation of the patch has begun!
Regards to CptQ for this count-down timer for those not on new.reddit:
#Countdown Timer

Per the Official EFT Discord:

Tomorrow [The 27th], at 14.00 Moscow time we plan to start installation of the update 0.12.7. The game will be stopped. Installation of the update will take approximately 4 hours, but can be extended if necessary.
Twitter Post:
Check out the latest Raid Episode (#4):
Help our Wiki Editors out:


Below are the patch notes for .12.7 :

Patch 0.12.7:
New ammo:
Added new stimulants:

Fixed in weapon presets
Fixed in the hideout
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Oh, Look, Bill Gates Just Got a New Patent---To Use Bio information "Brainwaves or Body Heat" for Bit Coin Mining--When You View an Ad or Use a Given Internet Service-- Welcome to the Future!

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The "conspiracy" about digital currency is becoming true here in Canada.
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Making a new currency system a new way of living

I think we should make a new currency. A system that works for us.At the end of the day the government loyalty is to Corporation.We need to start focusing on what's really import. Are kids!We can't keep letting corporations make decisions for our kids as future.The way the government don't fear the people.Is why they take advantage of us. We allow them to because we don't have the power to stop them.But we do have every right 2 start a new way of living.Separate our self. People are realzing that the government works 4 corporations. And not the people and they feel betrayed.But what did they expect the people that are running the country these aren't normal people They never had a job they're born rich private security haven't finish High School don't have driver's license I don't know what it's like to struggle to work a 9 to 5. all they know is politics manipulation and to play games why is the government set up to battle like it's a damn football game the Democrats vs Republicans are always at war trying to out do each other waste our time and play with our emotions it's just a game is on but it's life for us the decisions that they make affect us and our life they said they're for a whole two years about the Russian BS about the elections knowing it was lies do all that non necessary childish because they don't like Donald Trump which that mean they are not doing whats best for the people all that time wested a hole 2 years gone they live from negative fear-mongering depressing stuff when last time you turn on the TV and seeing positive things people getting along what is the last positive thing remember that the government did like give everyone grant for solar panels so we can live for free its take 1 day for a printer to print a whole house how do we have homeless we just need to go are Separate Ways and we can start new with people who want to live Health freedom and Truth happy with your family and safe caring loving community if we come together and put our skills together to come up with ideas on the best away to build a energy free community
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Bit Coin is the opposite of anonymous.

I see a lot of people are having a hard time understanding bit coin.
Naturally, bit coin the the most tracked and easy to tracked system of money.
It was not created to be secretive. It was created to make a system of money that would stand alone from government and not be susceptible to normal problems with money.
It records every transaction, tied to an account, tied to you.
Any time you want to get money in, or get money out, aka turn bit coin into currency, you tell the world who you are. And all your transactions are recorded.
It’s the type of system a government could easily abuse.
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BITCOIN IS FALLING!!!! THE BREAKOUT CAME TODAY! $8,500 ... How Low Will Bitcoin Go? - YouTube ขุดBitcoin EP.1 แค่เปิดคอมทิ้งไว้ ก็ได้เงิน - YouTube FAQ Cast - YouTube 'Fake Bitcoin' - How this Woman Scammed the World, then ...

Bitcoin FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will describe you the most interesting issues of concern which were met by Bitcoin users. Bitcoin FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) From BitcoinWiki. This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent. Bitcoin-Minern ist es weder möglich zu betrügen, indem sie ihre eigene Belohnung erhöhen, noch können sie betrügerische Transaktionen verarbeiten, weil alle Bitcoin-Knoten jeden Block zurückweisen würden, der nach den Regeln des Bitcoin-Protokolls ungültige Daten enthält. The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: transaction management and money issuance are carried out collectively by the network. The original Bitcoin software by Satoshi Nakamoto was released under the MIT license. . Most client software, derived or "from ... The first online purchase using bitcoin was performed by Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010. He bought Papa John's pizza for 10,000 coins (25 USD – Bitcoin value was 0.0025 cents for 1 coin). The real name of the Bitcoin developer remains unrevealed to this day.; On January 19, 2014, a fundraiser was established by the Dogecoin community to raise $50,000 for the Jamaican Bobsled Team, which had ...

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Bybit $60 Bonus: Bybit Tutorial: Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitc... Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. All Bitcoin transactions are docume... Let's talk about Bitcoin - FAQ!Cast Episode 61 Part 1 - Duration: 15 minutes. 6 views; 2 years ago; 11:31. The Top 10 Best Foods to Eat - Judging a Top Ten List - Duration: 11 minutes, 31 seconds. Support the stream: Bitcoin has heavy price resistance at the 200 moving average on the daily chart. BTC needs to... แฟนเพจ คลิปผมมีหลายคลิปนะ ดูเพริสให้ครบก่อน ...