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Bitcoin and the Origin of Money with Special Guest Konrad Graf

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Let's contact Ron and Shamir asking them to help us fully map MtGox presence on the blockchain.

Some time ago there was a really good paper studying the blockchain. In this they studied the whole blockchain and connected the accounts that sent money together as coming from the same wallet.
Quantitative Analysis of the Full Bitcoin Transaction Graph from Dorit Ron and Adi Shamir
By doing this they could identify several whales.
Now, I think that with the situation with MtGox we should ask the help from those two researchers, and fully map MtGox activity. If we all share the entry point and the exit address in which we sent money and received money from MtGox it should be quite easy to just map the whole animal out. This would be divided, I suppose, in entry address, exit address, inside address never used but only rarely to store coins, in between address. And then maybe we can start to see exactly from which address some bitcoins have been siphoned out.
It's just a simple unidirectional graph. I don't know how many nodes will it have, but probably we should be able to even draw it.
Any comments before contacting them?
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Ron and Shamir's research, by contrast, analyzes transaction history to answer questions about how typical account holders use the Bitcoin system and how they acquire and spend the digital coin. Later, Ron and Shamir [40] exploit this method to analyze the transactions related to Ross William Ulbricht (a.k.a. Dead Pirate Roberts in Bitcoin), owner of online black market known for illegal ... A device called Trezor is the most common currently available hardware bitcoin wallet, and is used to securely store Bitcoin private keys. It is a custom made single-purpose hardware device and is therefore considered more secure than a computer for storing bitcoins, as general purpose computers are more susceptible to malware and the hardware ... Participants begin using bitcoin by first acquiring a program called a Bitcoin wallet and one or more Bitcoin addresses. Bitcoin addresses are used for receiving bitcoins, in the same way that e-mail addresses are used for receiving e-mails (Ron and Shamir, 2013, p.8) Securing your Bitcoin wallet 1. Securing your Bitcoin Wallet Ron Reiter 2. Bitcoin TL;DR Decentralized economy based on public key cryptography The revolutionary technology behind cryptocurrency is called the blockchain A blockchain is a distributed ledger (list of entries) built in such a way that no single node can change the history Every new row on the ledger is essentially permanent ...

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